Combines seen from the air kick up dust while harvesting a field at sunset in Manitoba.
A farmer takes a long drink of water from a thermos while moving cattle.
A combine spits out chaff while harvesting a field.
A farmer runs through dust kicked up by a combine during harvest.
A woman poses for a photo in front of a combine.
A farmer climbs into his combine at sunset during harvest.
Father and son dairy farmers pose for a photo together in a dairy barn.
A farmer holds a newborn calf during calving season.
Portrait of a farmer
A full moon rises over a grain elevator in Manitoba.
A combine seen from the air spits out chaff while harvesting a field.
A farmer looks out from atop a combine in a field of corn.
Corn spits into the hopper of a combine during harvest.
Corn is emptied from a combine into a grain truck.
Geese fly by a grain elevator in Saskatchewan at sunset.
A field of bright yellow canola with dark storm clouds in the distance.
A young girl cleans a horse stall at an agricultural fair
A farm researcher cuts wheat by hand with a scythe.
A dairy farmer in his dairy barn.
A tractor seen from the air works in a field during harvest.
Stubble burns after harvest creating clouds of smoke.
Farmers keep an eye on the flames while burning stubble at dusk.
A Hutterite woman swings her niece in a field of wheat.
A Hutterite farmer checks the load in a grain truck in a field.
An aerial sprayer sprays a crop.
A farmer holds a bag of soybeans in a soybean field.
Two farm researchers visit outside their trucks in a field.
A farm researcher climbs into a combine during corn harvest.
Portrait of a farm researcher in a harvested field of corn.
Sunlight streaks through clouds as a combine harvests a crop.
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