A first nations woman checks her hair and makeup in a mirror in a car before a pow wow at Birdtail First Nation.
Hutterite children play tag on a set of straw bales under a rainbow on a rainy evening.
A young couple embraces in a street while the woman's pants read love.
Geese fly over a grain elevator at sunset in Watrous, Saskatchewan.
A pair of combines harvest grain in a field at sunset.
Boxers practice in the middle of a street after their boxing club burned down in a massive fire in downtown Brandon, Manitoba.
A car is washed into a ditch by floodwaters during a spring flood in Manitoba.
Two girls swim in a pool as floodwaters from the Assiniboine River creep closer.
A young woman poses in front of her convertible in her grad dress during her high school graduation in Watrous, Saskatchewan.
Two young women hang upside down while riding a roller coaster at a summer fair in Manitoba.
Three Hutterite women play a carnival game at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta.
Young cowboys prepare for their events at sunset at a rodeo in Shilo, Manitoba.
A young cowgirl smiles while watching a rodeo at sunset in Manitoba.
Stubble is burned producing thick smoke in a field in Manitoba.
High school graduates wait to attend their convocation.
Vintage car enthusiasts chat during a classic car event in Manitoba.

An oilfield worker thaws a pump-jack in southwestern Manitoba on a cold winter day.
A hockey player is reflected in crystal clear ice as he skates over Clear Lake in Manitoba.
An elderly man eats lunch alone with a cat in his lap by a window in his home.
A vehicle kicks up dust on a gird road in Saskatchewan.
Four Hutterite women stand in a field of canola.
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